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Different Types Of Camera Lenses

Photography is not just a hobby anymore. People who have passion for it, they pursue courses for being a professional photographer. Most people think that if you know how to click pictures, that is sufficient for being a good photographer. But it is not just that. There is a lot more a person should know for being an outstanding photographer. Camera techniques, clicking angles, types of camera lenses and when they should be used, etc there are so many things which a person should know. Most of the people have no idea about types camera lens and their purposes. In this article, we are going to discuss the types of camera lenses and also will see when they are used. If you get to know everything about camera lenses and their use, you can bring a lot of variations in your photography skills.

  1. Standard lenses:

These lenses have mid range focal length anywhere between 40mm to 60mm. Most of the time it is 50 mm. This is the most common focal length which is used if you are using a standard lens. Using a full frame camera with this focal length gives you almost the same view as you see with the naked eye. We cannot say it is exact but it is almost the same as what we call it as a thumb rule. This type of lens is used by almost all the people as it captures the same view as you see. Standard lens is used for indoor photography, portraits, street photography, landscape photography, etc. This is not a perfect lens, but if you want to use just one lens for everything, then you can use a standard lens.

  1. Telephoto lenses:

These types of lense have longer focal length which helps in magnifying the subject before capturing to get the fine details. This lens is used when you have to do distant photography. Generally the focal length used for these lenses is above 60mm. However, there are two categories of these lenses, mid range telephoto in which focal length of 70mm to 200mm is used and super telephoto in which the focal length of above 200mmis used like 300mm or 400mm. These lenses are basically used for portrait photography, astronomy, wildlife photography, sports photography or if you want a dreamy blur background.

  1. Wide angle lens:

Next types camera lens is a wide angle lens which is the opposite of telephoto. With this lens everything is zoomed out as the focal length used is below than 40mm. There is a fact that the smaller the focal length, the more easily you can fit the subject into a frame. But the more you fit into the frame, the more distortions can be there. It is used for landscape photography interiors, architecture, etc.

These are some types camera lens which you should know about.

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