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How To Clean Camera Lens?

Most of the people are not aware of how clean a camera lens and they take so many precautions while doing so to avoid damage to the lens. Well, being cautious is a good thing as a good lens needs a lot of investment and little routine care can make it really long lasting. The front element of the camera lens or any filter you have applied over it can get damaged if you clean it with the wrong instrument which can leave the scratched lens. The most important thing to remember is to do cleaning only when it is required. Overdoing it can lead to lens damage. You should not clean it everytime you go out or every week. The fact is that even a thick layer of dust on the camera does not affect the picture quality. The two things are most important for the cleaning of the lens, the first one is microfiber cloth which has a lot of pores which help in sucking up the dirt particles and fingerprints as well. You do not need to use by sticky solutions for the lens cleaning if you are using microfiber cloth. The next for the lens cleaning purpose hurricane blower. This helps in blasting a strong air which dislodge the dirt particles from the surface. Always remember, the big is the blower, the better will be the results. 

Sometimes, you feel that the dirt is dried on the surface and there are some stubborn fingerprints which are difficult to wipe off with the help of microfiber cloth and blower, then you should use hot air treatment. To remove these stains, many solutions are available in the market but the best method is the traditional method of breathing on the the process, the condensation creates on the leans which has enough moisture to remove the stains, fingerprints and dirt. For how clean camera lens, one more important point is the eyepiece correction. While doing the lens cleaning, when you have a blower and microfiber cloth with you, clean the eyepiece lens too. This will help in removing any stain or fingerprint from the surface which will make it easy to use further as the eyepiece part is the place where you focus on the things from, so it is important to keep it clean. This is all about how clean camera lens with full care and precautions.

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